Russ Davis Talks "The People's Coin" on FOX

Russ Davis Talks

Earlier today, Russ Davis was featured on FOX Business discussing the creation and plan for "The People's Coin". 

As stated on their website, "The People’s Coin is a community-driven project designed to provide multi-faceted solutions in the DeFi space, specifically by championing Charitable Giving initiatives; providing a much-needed collective voice for The People (our PEEPS) within these numerous charitable communities."

"We want it to be the go-to [currency] for charities to accept donations", explains Russ when talking about the future plans for the coin.

"Right now you can get 2.5 billion coins for around $100".

For more information on The People's Coin and how to invest, check out the information below:

The People's Coin Social Media

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