Though it may seem like it lately, Russ Davis did not appear out of thin air. In fact, he’s been a passionate entrepreneur with various ventures over the last decade. This includes credit card processing in his home state of Connecticut, known for its healthy corporate atmosphere in the manufacturing and finance sectors. Russ was carving out a living, trying to find his path just like most of us. From online gambling to studying penny stock charts, Russ was no stranger to risk. Then came Bitcoin.


Today, it is worth over $60k. While a very small percentage of people can actually say they saw the signs back then, Russ knew that this was going to be special somehow; “I didn’t know where Bitcoin was going to end up, but I knew it was going somewhere, and it wasn’t going away.” 

After investing a small amount in Bitcoin in 2014, Russ knew there was something more to be done in the world of crypto. “Casual investors were getting eaten alive watching the market move; there was no predicting going on, just throwing money in and hoping,” Russ says of his motivation to jump into the mix. “I didn’t start off profitable at all. I was just gambling.” Russ saw a need to educate investors that lacked intimate knowledge of the currencies available to the market. There were 13 cryptocurrencies back then, with nine of them being launched in 2013. “The market was new. People knew Bitcoin, but the whole idea was still kind of underground.” The idea was simple: Russ asked himself, “Why can’t I be a consultant for crypto like Edward Jones manages your IRA?”

The idea sat with him for years while he worked to understand various aspects of development, from utility and use case to marketing and the influence of social media. This research led him to create In Russ We Trust, his crypto-consultancy focused on projections of smaller market erc-20 tokens with the most potential. “The crazy amount of zeros after the decimal makes them incredibly attractive, because of the potential to invest $50 and come out with $50,000 with no minimum like in penny stocks. It was new and exciting. Going 10x in a day was super approachable and now realistic.”

After Dogecoin rose to worldwide fame in 2020 through a strong community to be the center of attention and endless Elon Musk tweets, the community was ready. Crypto had gone mainstream. Shiba Inu was the perfect response to their demand. Through this Dogecoin spinoff, Russ was able to get in on a project early and help it grow to its current level. Russ was also able to help a couple of friends who were left jobless because of the pandemic. What started off as a $7,900 investment in Shiba Inu became a $10+ million return for them (and growing). These stories are becoming less unique every day! 2021 was certainly Russ’ year; SHIB went to the moon (twice) with EMAX following suit in late May.  In fact, Russ has created hundreds of millionaires in the process of vetting and promoting his portfolio picks, something special considering how young our community is. Picks like SHIB, EMAX, PEEPS, and Bezoge Earth have made community members a lot of money while also doing some good in the community. Steady growth picks like CRO, Projekt Diamond, and HEX offer holders long-term options in a volatile market.

Where do we go from here? Russ and the IRWT Team are committed to finding projects for the community to get behind. From EMAX and Bezoge Earth to F9, RBX, and Nucleus, we use our inside knowledge of crypto marketing and utility to make connections that can help everyone prosper. Simply put, this is what we do. Our picks have purpose, and we’re stronger together.