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None of this works, and none of this makes sense without the strong community that backs my team's vision. From the mods and admins that manage our social media platforms, to the experienced investor who helps out the new group member asking questions, I am constantly humbled by the spirit of the IRWT community.

We back tokens like SHIB and PEEPS, whose primary purposes are to affect change in the world. Donation tokens are what started this journey of ours, and where our hearts lie. This sense of duty toward the community around us is what makes us unique; what makes us strong; and what makes us a force to be reckoned with in the ever-perilous crypto-sphere.

From free ETH giveaways launched by early followers to fundraising efforts to assist a fellow member through tough times, the community has time and time again used our platform for good; that is what drives us.

And upward we will go...together.


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Insider Monthly Subscription

Insider Monthly Subscription

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If you're tired of gambling and want to start investing, this is a great platform for you. Russ has saved thousands of members from rug-pulls, and saved countless marriages with his picks like Shiba, over a dozen 100 Million Mc coins, and most recently Bad idea a.i.  Join the subscription service and jumpstart your earnings with this specially-curated package. 

This includes Russ approved official picks, an amazingly helpful community, and educational materials and resources to help you understand the current crypto environment! This also allows entry into his private Telegram group where he answers your questions incredibly fast so you don't lose a step in the fast evolving crypto world. 

Join us on our way to a smarter, safer future of investing into crypto!